Thursday, December 29, 2011

Photos of Various Events Carried Over by Medindia Hospitals

Dr.John's Experience with Medindia Hospitals

The one word that immediately comes to mind when you observe TSC is “organized”. Well you won’t find many people who write down the 44 things which they have to do during the day in a small diary and ticks them off one by one till the last work is completed.
My association with Dr.TSC started 3 months back when I joined MedIndia hospital for a fellowship. As expected sir was an excellent endoscopist. But soon I realized that was just one aspect of him. One thing that impressed me so much was his willingness to teach. He says today’s teacher may be tomorrow’s patient so never hesitate to teach. Some good logic that is! I think he is still an eager student at heart. I was pleasantly surprised seeing his child like enthusiasm on demonstrating a difficult EUS sign.
His pleasant nature and infectious smile puts his patients at ease almost immediately .He hears them out patiently even though the diagnosis may appear mundane to him and explains to the patients their condition by coming to their level. What he says is that “You may have done 1000 Cholecystectomies, but this one is the first for the patient. So spend time with him.”
The man is a perfectionist with an eye for detail and an eye for mistakes as well. Sometimes it can be difficult to work with him as he expects the same level of commitment, hardwork and dedication from each of his employees. All said and done he is a good superior who considers those who work for him as part of his extended family and takes care of them in their hour of need.
He is a self built man who is proud of the long and hard journey he has undertaken in his life. He cherishes everything in this journey, his family, his old mates and yeah his old scopes! I had come to this place to learn advanced endoscopy. But I feel it is just one of the things I would learn from this man.


Dr.Gokul's Experience with Medindia Hospitals

I am working as Junior Consultant in MedIndia Hospitals, Chennai and I am quite happy with the ambience here.
I should mention about our chairman Dr. T.S.Chandrasekar, Two things have really impressed me about him. One is his ability to communicate things very effectively to the patient’s he treats. He seems to have answers to all the questions, patients have in their mind even before they ask him. Second is his multitasking ability.
I am sure anyone getting trained here and works here would not only sharpen their skills in treating patients but also learn a lot from him which would help them throughout their life.


Digestive Endoscopy Workshop 2011

Medindia hospitals has successfully conducted DEW 2011 endorsed by MCI and The Tamilnadu Dr.MGR Medical University, Chennai, TamilNadu. During this event 5 International Faculty, 200 National Faculty and lot of Gastroenterology doctors all over from india participated.

We are giving few experiences from the doctors who has participated. We thank all of those who has participated.

Dr.Shivakumar Vignesh, M.D.

"Dear Dr.Chandrasekar, Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in your conference. I appreciate your hospitatility and most impressed by the excellent conference that you organized. I have been faculty in many US conferences and i can say your conference was world class.

In the future, i would love to participate especially focusing on my area of expertise (EUS and Endoscopic resection) that i have been doing for many years and training fellows on.Wish you a Happy New year and convey my war regards to your wife and family.Also, best wishes to Dr.John, Dr.Gokul and the rest of the MedIndia team."

Shivakumar Vignesh, M.D.
Endoscopic Oncologist
Assistant Professor
GI Tumor Program
Moffitt Cancer Center

Dr. (Col). Krishnan, Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist, Chennai

"My complements on the choice of medindia orator and the subject. As I mentioned while chairing, TSC surprises me that every year he achieves more and better result than the previous year my complements on a job well done. May god bless you with greater glory"

Dr. Uday Somashekar, Jabalpur (M.P.)
"It was a pleasure and a great learning experience to attend the workshop at Chennai. The workshop was well organised, conducted in a very smooth manner and kept to time - all due to the hard work put in by your entire team. Please pass on our thanks to them. The case spectrum and the numbers was wonderful. Being able to interact with faculty during the breakfast session and the on-hands training was very educative. It helped remove a lot of doubts. My only suggestion would be to have smaller batches in the on-hands training so that one can interact better with faculty and pick up the small tips and tricks. Thank you and your team once again for such a nice workshop and your warm hospitality."