Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dr.Gokul's Experience with Medindia Hospitals

I am working as Junior Consultant in MedIndia Hospitals, Chennai and I am quite happy with the ambience here.
I should mention about our chairman Dr. T.S.Chandrasekar, Two things have really impressed me about him. One is his ability to communicate things very effectively to the patient’s he treats. He seems to have answers to all the questions, patients have in their mind even before they ask him. Second is his multitasking ability.
I am sure anyone getting trained here and works here would not only sharpen their skills in treating patients but also learn a lot from him which would help them throughout their life.


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  1. Very good hospital.Treatment is very good.Team of doctors are doing a great job under the guidance of Dr.T.S.Chandrasekar