Thursday, December 29, 2011

Photos of Various Events Carried Over by Medindia Hospitals

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  1. Dr Akande's experience with MedIndia Hospitals.
    I joined MedIndia hospitals Five months ago as a digestive endoscopy trainee from my country, Nigeria.
    Dr TSC,as he's fondly called, is a gift indeed to this generation.He takes delight in impacting knowledge and skills on the younger generation.Little wonder the ease with which he organizes workshops and conferences despite huge cost and time such demand.
    He values one's time with him and goes all out to ensure each trainee achieves his/her purpose for coming to MedIndia Hospitals.
    Sir will notice the minute change(s) in any of his team members; be it a new shirt or a down mood.He cares that much.No wonder he is not only successful professionally but also as a husband and Father.I can only pray for more years of more service to humanity.